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Grren Hit - is a state-of-the-art asset management platform that provides a safe and transparent way to make money online. All types of investors can connect and receive capital through our easy-to-use user interface Grren Hit.

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Our investment plans

Our investment plans

Grren Hit presents three investment plans in which you can get from 1% to 1.4% hourly depending on the amount of your investment.

  • 24% daily
    For Lifetime

    1% Hourly 01

    Minimum / Maximum deposit

    5 / 100

  • 26.4% daily
    For Lifetime

    1.1% Hourly 02

    Minimum / Maximum deposit

    100 / 1000

  • 33.6% daily
    For Lifetime

    1.4% Hourly 03

    Minimum / Maximum deposit

    1000 / 10000

About company Grren Hit

About company Grren Hit

Grren Hit- a one-stop solution for everyone. We provide a safe environment for investors to profit from our advanced asset management service.

The world has seen the growth and power of Blockchain since the launch of Bitcoin. It has been proven many times that crypto trading, including making money in the crypto industry in any way, can be much safer and better than standard various investment streams such as Banks, Bonds, Gold, Stocks and Real Estate. Grren Hit proudly works in the crypto industry. space since the foundation of the company.

Grren Hit company-managed Grren Hitregistered with a Hong Kong company in 2020. Grren Hit proudly operates in the crypto space and helps its clients achieve their goals with an advanced asset management system that anyone can use. whether the user has any online investing experience or not. Our unique user interface helps the investor understand everything in a very simplistic way.

Grren Hit designed for all types of investors. Our investment plans have been tailored to the needs of the investor. Through various security measures such as SSL, DDOS protection, Sitelock, Cloudflare, we ensure the safety of investor data and funds. The company specializes in the crypto space - cryptocurrency, lending, proof of coin rates and other investments in ICOs and decentralized applications based on Etherium.

The company actively trades cryptocurrency using various methods of holding and selling exchanges, earning prizes for betting on exchanges and local wallets. Grren Hit is also actively involved in derivatives trading, and therefore we are diversifying our investment portfolio across various crypto-streams to provide risk management and high returns for our clients.

Grren Hitwill make all your dreams come true in this vast crypto space in a short time, without risking capital. Join the Grren Hittoday and find out how professional and different we are.

Grren Hitwas registered on June 12, 2020 as a private company limited to the type of shares

Why choose us

Why choose us

Grren Hit takes his business very seriously and ensures all security measures. Three main reasons to join Grren Hit the following.



Investments with Grren Hit are beneficial and safe.



Improved performance with Cloudflare and Sitelock.



Protected data and tools from all threats using DDos server.

Our affiliate program

Our affiliate program

Users Grren Hit can use our referral program and earn even more income using our standard and representative program.

Affiliate program

All participants Grren Hit by default they use our referral program where they receive commissions every time their referral makes a deposit. No investment is required to receive referral rewards.


1 level


2 level


3 level


4 level


5 level

Referral commissions up to 5 levels. Level 1 referrals will earn you 7% of referral rewards, and level 2 and 3 referrals - 5% and 2% referral rewards. Referral rewards will be added to your account dashboard instantly and can use this fund to re-deposit or withdraw funds immediately.

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Our statistics

Our statistics
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